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Article: Are you feeling burnout at work ? Here's how to navigate it.

Are you feeling burnout at work ? Here's how to navigate it.

Are you feeling burnout at work ? Here's how to navigate it.

In the hustle and bustle of India's corporate landscape, the pressure cooker of deadlines, targets, and expectations often leaves professionals questioning their mental health and well-being. The concept of burnout is now gaining traction as many of us face this harsh reality at work.

India reports as the world's highest rates of burnout at work

Embedded within the fabric of Indian society are values of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. However, these virtues sometimes intertwine with a culture that often glorifies overwork and sacrifices personal well-being at the altar of professional success. From the expectations of the extended family to the competitive job market, men and women face unique challenges.

According to the McKinsey Health Institute's 2023 survey, "India respondents reported the highest rates of burnout symptoms at 59%. Indian employees reported the highest level of workplace exhaustion at 62%, followed by Japan (61%). Switzerland reported the least level of workplace exhaustion at 22%. Recent headlines have highlighted the alarming rates of stress-related illnesses and mental health issues among Indians. Companies are being pushed to reassess their approach to employee well-being specially in the middle of mass retrenchments in the tech industry. 

Are you experiencing burnout?

Recognizing burnout signs is the first step. Feeling tired, irritable, or unaccomplished could mean burnout. In India, it's hard for men to talk about mental health due to stigma.

You need to recharge:

Dealing with burnout means trying different things to feel better. Some companies offer flexible work hours and mental health resources. It's important for individuals to take care of themselves. Practices like yoga and meditation can help reduce stress. Ever considered the internal cleanse at Vipassana

Mental health support:

Talking about mental health at work is crucial. Employers can encourage conversations and offer counseling services. Platforms like MindPeers provide resources and professionals to help with mental health issues.

NGOs like Men Welfare Trust offer support and have a helpline for mental health and legal issues.

Confidence Vs Overconfidence:

Some people handle stress well due to confidence. But being overly confident can lead to burnout by taking on too much work or setting unrealistic goals.

Dealing with Imposter Syndrome:

People who struggle with confidence may push themselves too hard, leading to stress and burnout.

Feedback Loops:

Burnout can erode confidence over time, creating a cycle of feeling worse.

Workplace Culture:

A supportive work environment can prevent burnout and boost confidence.

It's important for individuals and companies to recognize burnout and prioritize mental health for success at work and in life. 

We hope this thought piece has helped you to get more clarity on what do to when you're experiencing burnout. If you know someone experiencing stress and burnout please do share this article with them. 

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